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South Whidbey’s Trusted and Knowledgeable Source for Dietary Supplements, Nutrients, Functional and Performance Fitness Training, and Personal Diet Coaching,


The first key to living and feeling your best is to ensure that you’re receiving correct amounts of quality nutrients. We offer only the highest quality vitamins, minerals, and natural foods all backed by independent lab testing and quality analysis. We cater to all dietary restrictions and carry vegan, paleo, organic, and gluten-free products.


Natural and synthetic dietary supplements can provide a huge positive impact to your general health, well-being, cognition, and physical performance. We pledge to only recommend supplements that have clinical data supporting their use and efficacy and we would never recommend a product we ourselves haven’t used with positive results.


At our Freeland training facility, you will experience a one of a kind fitness experience tailored to your individual body, ability, and goals. If you want to live and move without pain, reach a healthy body weight, increase your strength and endurance, or become an advanced athlete, we have the knowledge and structure to provide real results.